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Food manufacturers find a home in San Leandro

As 2020 approached, Torani CEO Melanie Dulbecco realized she needed to relocate her business from her south San Francisco factory. “We were totally out of space and our leases were going to more than double next year,” Dulbecco said. It made more sense for Torani, perhaps the nation’s most recognized flavored syrup company, to move […]

Food technology

German Institute for Food Technology (DIL): “In principle, microalgae could be used in all processed foods”

On November 07, 2019, the kick-off meeting of the European project “Pro-Future” took place in Barcelona. The international research project deals with microalgae as protein-rich ingredients for tomorrow’s human and animal nutrition. The aim is to develop more efficient production and processing concepts to integrate high quality, safe, healthy and sustainable products and ingredients into […]

Food technology

Social media helps increase the perception of food tech as a risky business

MCLEAN, Va., December 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to food technology, information shared on social media often outweighs the facts put forward by the scientific community and food experts, leading to the spread of misinformation, ” fake news” and conspiracy theories. Nowhere is this more evident than consumer distrust of genetically modified organisms […]

Food technology

FNB News – Food Tech Trends in the Indian Scenario

introductionFood technology is an evergreen field linking the agricultural sector and the industrial world. New technologies are being adopted in food as the demand for sustainably processed and packaged foods increases. Nowadays, people are really interested in knowing the technology used behind a product and are not averse to the application of science in food. […]