Food manufacturers

Booming Line Integration and Data Collection for Food Manufacturers

According to “2019 Trends and Advancements in Food Packaging and Processing”, a new report from PMMI Business Intelligence, 34% of food manufacturers surveyed have fully integrated lines in both processing and packaging; most are large enterprises, but some small and medium enterprises have completed the line integration. The report indicates that two out of five […]

Food technology

Food technology is reshaping the industry

Just as technology helps other key businesses around the world, the food industry also has a lot of leeway to implement technological advancements and move forward with the times. TODAY, technology has become a reality and a prominent part of various facets of our lives. It’s not just science fiction anymore. But what is more […]

Food manufacturers

Food manufacturers seek to reduce, recycle and reuse

According to a new report from PMMI Business Intelligence, nearly two in three food manufacturing companies seek recyclable packaging solutions, and the majority of brand owners surveyed have made at least one significant change to packaging substrate materials to increase the ease of recycling. The materials sought by food companies are mainly recyclable (64%), followed […]