Food manufacturers

Grocers and food manufacturers are stockpiling to hedge against spikes in demand during the second wave of COVID

Product rushes this spring have forced manufacturers and retailers to rethink Canada’s supply chain standards, which had focused on producing the right amount of product “just in time”, to reduce warehousing costs, Graydon said. Manufacturers were also quick to note that even during the busiest days of the pandemic this spring, the supply chain never […]

Food technology

Food Tech Company Opens Headquarters in St. Louis | 2020-09-24

ST. LOUIS — Benson Hill, a food technology company, held the grand opening of its corporate headquarters at the 39 North innovation district in St. Louis on Sept. 21. The 160,000 square foot facility will house experts in plant biology, agronomy, data analysis, machine learning and food science. Benson Hill seeks to harness nature’s genetic […]

Food manufacturers

Dry4Good supplies healthy ingredients to food manufacturers

Founded in 2019, Dry4Good is a foodtech start-up that has developed an innovative food dehydration technology that guarantees consumers a healthy and natural diet. We spoke with Romaric Janssen, one of the two co-founders. Ingredient lists using complex and often incomprehensible terminology for consumers are getting longer and longer. Cereals, biscuits and ready meals generally […]

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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Processing and Post-Harvest Handling at Purdue University – News & Stories

Sustainability and scaling In January 2020, FPIL researchers Dr. Cheryl O’Brien from San Diego State University and Laura Leavens, a graduate student from Purdue University, traveled to Senegal to assess the impact of the grain processing unit of Touba Darou Salam on income and empowerment of entrepreneurs. . In the study, 98% of women surveyed […]

Food technology

Film exploring food technology, sustainability, diversity and inclusion available to the UNL community

Lincoln, Neb. – University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, students, and staff are invited to view the “Hearts of Glass” documentary and participate in a panel discussion with writer, director, and producer Jennifer Tennican, Vertical employees Harvest and experts among the UNL faculty. Click here to access the film from today until October 2n/a. The roundtable will […]

Food technology

Food technology could be more efficient. But is it better?

The restaurant side is equally dark. Unfair labor practices allegedly committed by DoorDash have caught the attention of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who sued the restaurant delivery service this June for newly launched economic crimes against the workers’ unity. Boudin’s lawsuit is backed by California’s recent AB5 law, which assumes workers like DoorDash […]