Food packaging

Ban on PFAS for food packaging introduced in Congress

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 On November 18, 2021, the Keep food containers safe from the PFAS Act (“Act”) was introduced in the Senate and House, which proposed a ban on PFAS for food packaging in the United States. The bill, while incredibly brief, would accelerate efforts already underway by the food packaging industry to develop […]

Food packaging

Supporters of banning chemicals in food packaging

Image: tom.arthur, Wikimedia Commons By Vladislava Sukhanovskaya Capital Information Service Some lawmakers and conservationists want to ban chemicals in food packaging that they say threaten the health of Michiganders. PFAS, bisphenols, and phthalates can be found in almost any food package, from burger packages to beverage bottles. The chemicals include perfluorinated and polyfluorinated substances or […]

Food manufacturers

Which food manufacturers are active in artificial intelligence R&D?

Artificial intelligence research and innovation in the food manufacturing sector is on the rise. The most recent figures show that the number of AI patent applications in the industry stood at 17 in the three months ending September, up from 11 in the same period last year. The numbers for AI-related patent grants have followed […]

Food technology

Career options in food technology

With the expansion of the food industry, this sector offers a variety of sustainable employment positions. With land and water being finite resources, agriculture tends to face restrictions in food production. Therefore, biotechnology is used to improve both production and nutritional quality. Food technology, which involved biotechnology and plant food engineering, is a scientific stream […]

Food manufacturers

Japan urges food manufacturers to finalize transition of raw material origin labeling

Japan first announced a review of its food labeling law in September 2017 to include the geographic origins of the main ingredient used to make a food or drink on product labels. Due to the massive nationwide commitment to implement these new labeling standards, the government has granted food companies a considerably long grace period […]

Food packaging

Transform ready meals packaging with unlined labels

Prep Kitchen was established in 2016 and originally started as a health food restaurant in Southend, UK. Responding to consumer demand, they started delivering healthy and freshly prepared food locally, right to people. The ready meal delivery service proved to be a great success, so much so that Prep Kitchen expanded its business activities and […]

Food packaging

Organic recycling hailed as “the most sustainable solution” for the future

Plastic waste is a global concern. Only 31% of all plastic waste is currently recycled. And each year, eight million tonnes – representing 3% of the world’s annual plastic waste – enter the oceans. At the same time, a third of all food produced for human consumption in the world results in food waste or […]

Food processing

Roquette opens the world’s ‘biggest’ pea protein factory

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, MANITOBA – Roquette celebrated the opening of a new pea protein plant in Portage la Prairie on November 17th. Covering 200,000 square feet, the facility is the largest pea protein plant in the world, according to Roquette, which supplies the Nutralys Pea Protein brand. The plant has the capacity to process 125,000 […]

Food processing

Food processing sector, supply chain is accelerating to meet demand

With a $ 205 million expansion project in the Township of Holland Charter, a frozen food producer Request Aliments Inc. is essentially doubling down on its commitment to the region where it started over three decades earlier. The split of Bil Mar Foods in 1988 after the sale of this company to Sara Lee Corp., […]

Food processing

Food Processing: Choosing the Right Conveyor Belt Material

Belt materials may look similar in their raw form, but they can have completely different compositions. This is high among those critical choices that can make or break your plant’s productivity. Seriously. No food manufacturer can efficiently optimize the conveyors in a factory without carefully considering what belt material should be used in a given […]