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Andhra Pradesh Farmers to Reap Big Benefits from Food Processing Center | Amaravati News

AMARAVATI: The stage is set for the launch of a massive Central Processing Center (CPC) at Mallavalli Food Park in Krishna district.
Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) has prepared the state-of-the-art food processing plant at a cost of 86 crore. The CPC spans almost 7.48 acres.
The CPC has facilities to extract the pulp from fruits and packaging that farmers could directly export. The CPC was part of the food park spread over nearly 58 acres.
“We developed the food park at a cost of 112.94 crore, of which 86 crore was spent exclusively on CPC,” APIIC Chairman Mettu Govinda Reddy said. He said the various food processing plants, including a few to make spice powders and fruit juices, are part of the food park.
Interestingly, quality testing laboratories have also been set up in the food processing park. The Mallavalli food park has already attracted investments to the tune of 260 crores while it is expected to provide jobs for around 6,000 people.
APIIC Director General Javvadi Subramanyam said he will organize a roadshow to campaign on the facilities available in the food park, especially in the CPC. “Farmers could bring in raw material and fetch value-added material from CPC. The factory has all the facilities to help farmers reap rich dividends from their produce,” Subramanyam said. He said growers of mango, guava, tomato, papaya, banana and other food items would likely benefit from processing the stock as it would give them high yields.
The CPC has a unit to extract about 10 tons of pulp per hour from the fruit. Maturation chambers can store about 120 tons of stock and a cold room can store about 3000 tons. The plant can extract six tons of tomato pulp per hour, 10 tons of mango pulp, five tons of papaya pulp, six tons of guava pulp and four tons of banana pulp.