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Dear Human Grade Ingredient Pet Food Manufacturers… – The Truth About Pet Food

Pet owners do their best to provide their pets with human-grade ingredient-based pet food. While we fully understand that human-grade ingredients are significantly more expensive than food-grade ingredients, we still struggle to be able to provide 100% human nutrition to our pets.

One option for pet owners to save money on their pet food made with human-grade ingredients is to buy bulk packaged pet food. Although buying dry food (kibble) in bulk is not always a good option – the quality of ingredients can deteriorate in an open bag of kibble, buying frozen pet food made from human ingredients do not carry the same risk. The integrity of food ingredients is maintained as long as the products are kept frozen.

Unfortunately, not all pet food manufacturers made with human-grade ingredients offer pet owners the option of purchasing packaged pet food in bulk. To these manufacturers…please consider this a thumbs up.

On average, the savings can be $0.50 to $0.75 per pound when buying bulk packaged pet food. For those with a large dog or multiple pets, these savings can be significant.

For pet owners: if you buy from an independent pet food store, they will know (or can easily tell) if your brand of pet food is available for purchase in bulk. If your brand doesn’t offer bulk packaged pet food, ask them to.

Ask your independent pet food store how they handle bulk-packaged pet food. For example, many small stores don’t have the freezer space to store bulk-packaged pet food. Pet owners may be able to order bulk food from their store, but may need to pick up the order the day it arrives due to lack of freezer space in the store.

My thanks to the owner of an independent pet store Chelsea Kent for sharing his knowledge on this subject.

I wish you and your pet the best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Truth in Pet Food Association

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