Food technology

Excellence scholarships for MSc (Food Technology) students at CFTRI

A reception was held at CFTRI in Mysuru on Thursday to distribute the Kerry scholarship to students achieving the highest marks in her MSc (Food Technology) entrance exams for the 2021-23 class.

A statement from CFTRI said the scholarships were awarded by Riya Saini, Krishna Kumar Upadhyay and Valcea Pearl D’Cunha.

The Merit Scholarships were instituted by Kerry Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, a manufacturer of food ingredients, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The scholarship, which starts from 2021-2022, includes tuition, board and accommodation costs, and development costs.

All three students will be eligible for the scholarship for the duration of the course.

In addition, three students, who achieve the highest marks in first-year MSc (Food Technology) exams will be eligible for scholarships in their final year, according to a statement.

The scholarship program held at CFTRI’s Cheluvamba Hall on Thursday was attended by CFTRI Director Sridevi Singh, who delivered the presidential address, as well as representatives from Kerry Ingredients India.

The MSc (Food Technology) course started in 1964 as part of the International Food Technology Training Center (IFTTC) at CSIR-CFTRI in Mysuru.

Admission to the course is by entrance examination at the national level with a contribution of 29 students. Two additional seats are reserved for industrial personnel and one seat for defense personnel. The degree will be awarded by the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), which was established in 2010 by a resolution of the Government of India and the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research Act 2011, notified as a “Institution of national importance,” adds the statement.