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Flexitarians Push Food Manufacturers To Double Their Prices

(MENAFN- Flexitarians Push Food Manufacturers To Double Their Intake Of Plant Protein

VANCOUVER – USA News Group – When targeting the US market and heading towards 2022, the Swiss food giant Nestlé SA (OTC: NSRGY) (OTC: NSRGF) has signaled it will “double down” on plant-based meat substitutes, creams, coffee and new snacking opportunities, according to a recent interview with Nestlé USA Marketing Director Alicia Enciso. According to an agribusiness and food company Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE: ADM), plant protein makers will continue to explore new sources of alternative protein over the coming year. Behind many of the new consumer products expected to hit the market in the near future are developer plant protein producers, including Nepra Foods (CSE: NPRA) (OTC: NPRFF), Conagra Foods, Inc. (NYSE: CAG), and Hormel Food Company (NYSE: HRL).

In addition to its already launched range of hemp protein pasta, Nepra Foods (CSE: NPRA) (OTC: NPRFF), creators of nutritious, plant-based, allergen-free foods, announced the launch of their extra virgin hemp oil, available for shipment on the e-commerce platform of the company.

New product launch compliments by Nepra THPTM (Textured Hemp Protein), which the company has strived to produce from its Colorado plant, as the basis of its PROPASTATM line of frozen ready-to-eat meals and meat analogues. by Nepra Hemp oils are created in the production of its hemp meal and meat analogues, with direct sale of the product representing the first of a number of potential income sources for this valuable by-product.

“Hemp is an amazing nut, which is why we use it as the base for so many of our products, including our extra virgin hemp oil,” said David Wood, CEO of Nepra. “The great care we take in processing preserves the oil’s natural health benefits, making our extra virgin hemp oil superior in taste, nutrition and overall quality. “

The new versatile food grade oil has many health benefits and can be used to sauté, soak, drizzle or mix into dressings and marinades Nepra is currently engaged in discussions with several potential customers to create other value-added products

offers using this news high quality hemp oils.

by Nepra Extra virgin hemp oil is cold pressed to preserve the healthy omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 ratios that occur naturally in hemp seeds. This “golden ratio” of essential fatty acids is the exact proportion that our body needs for optimal nutrition. With 40% less saturated fat and around 75 times more vitamin E than olive oil, hemp oil is increasingly attractive to health-conscious consumers.

Among these new ingredients, including by Nepra The high protein, allergen-free N-50 hemp flour also saw its production increase by over 400% in 2021.

Despite the record sales of their SPAM canned meat products, Hormel Food Company (NYSE: HRL) invests in a venture capital firm dedicated to alternative proteins and plant-based foods called 199 Ventures, a benchmark investor in the new venture capital division of Green Circle Capital Partners .

“We are delighted to invest in the fund and anything it will do to help start this growing category,” said Bryan Kreske, Head of 199 Ventures. “Since we made the commitment to invest in the fund, we look forward to the many areas of investment, including alternative proteins and plant-based foods.

Back in October, Hormel also announced its partnership with the Californian company Best meat company find something that looks like meat, tastes like meat, but isn’t.

“We are excited about all the options,” said Bryan Kreske, director of grown foods at Hormel Foods . “I know our R&D is thinking about a lot of great ideas, how we can use this new technology to develop the next generation of these alternative protein products and herbal products. “

Giant American multinational fast food franchise Metro just launched another meatless menu selection in Singapore, featuring a new plant-based chicken cutlet from Gourmet Harvest a brand owned by Nestlé SA (OTC: NSRGY) (OTC: NSRGF).

Nestle has been very active in the plant-based protein scene over the past year, and in 2022 it will ramp up further, with an increased focus on chicken.

“Consumers are just thrilled that we can bring them incredible quality in the plant-based chicken business,” said Alicia Enciso, CMO of Nestlé United States .

Recently Nestle also supported Sundial Foods , a plant-based meat company that works to mimic chicken wings. Sundial ‘s the products involve fully plant-based skin, meat and bone chicken wings, considered to go “beyond meat”.

Multinational food processing companies Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE: ADM) currently operates an Innovation Lab in Singapore, creating bespoke plant-based alternatives to meat, which includes a Food and Flavor Analysis Lab, a Meat and Salts Lab, and sensory evaluation facilities.

By the end of November 2021, SMA added to its portfolio of alternative proteins, by acquiring Soy protein , a leading European supplier of non-GMO soy ingredients, opening a soy protein complex in Brazil, a pea protein plant in North Dakota, has launched a joint venture with PlantPlus Foods , and new partnerships including with startups Air protein .

Based on a recent research report on global consumption trends and shares in 2022, SMA includes meat substitutes and “unexpected sources of protein” as an upcoming rising trend.

“According to our research, half of flexitarian consumers agree that herbal alternatives need taste improvements, and over 20% say texture needs improvement,” said Petra van Egmond, SMA Product Marketing Manager – Protein, EMEA. “Our full ingredient pantry helps deliver a quality sensory experience for a wide variety of applications by incorporating exceptional taste, texture and color with our in-depth knowledge of protein functionality. “

Take advantage of soaring meat prices, Conagra Foods, Inc. (NYSE: CAG) promoted their fake turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving in 2021, with their popular herbal product Gardein Holiday roast.

According to Bob Nolan, senior vice president of information and analytics at Conagra brands , flexitarian households led 85% of Gardein ‘s revenue growth in 2021 – and these types of consumers won’t settle for a typical vegan burger patty.

Conagra In October received accolades from the FAIRR Initiative, a network of investors that identifies important ESG issues in the animal agriculture sector to help inform investment decisions. In a report titled Appetite for Disruption: A Final Serving, Conagra was named a “Pioneer” and the top ranked US company for sustainable protein research and innovation.

“We recognize the importance plant proteins play in building future climate-smart food systems,” said Katya Hantel, Senior Director of Sustainability at Conagra brands . “As an industry leader in plant protein innovation, we are well positioned to meet the needs of investors, customers and consumers who demand more sustainable foods.”

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