Food manufacturers

Food manufacturers support the health of nations

The Celebrating Food and Nutrition report includes recent data from Kantar Worldpanel showing that, compared to 2017, FDF member products provide 10% fewer calories, 12% fewer sugars and 16% less salt to the average basket .

The report highlights the innovation of companies – large and small – to improve the country’s diet using methods such as reformulating product recipes, providing appropriate portions and bringing more options to market. healthy.

The report indicates that the food industry has made great strides in favor of a balanced diet. It revealed that the average shopping basket in the UK is classified as healthy and there has been a 14% reduction in the HFSS score (foods and drinks high in fat, sugar or salt, as defined by the profiling model nutritional) for the total food and beverage market since 2017.

He also celebrated the success of the Reformulation for Health programme, run by FDF Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government, to help SMEs across Scotland make their products and recipes healthier.

Fighting food poverty

The report also outlines company commitments to help close the fiber divide under FDF’s Action on Fiber initiative; tackling food poverty with pioneering projects in local communities across the UK; as well as helping consumers adopt more sustainable diets on the road to Net Zero.

The FDF said the industry stands ready to work with government and other agencies to drive innovation in the sector and to champion positive messages about the role of food and drink in healthy and sustainable diets.

FDF Chief Executive Karen Betts said: “UK food and drink makers make a wide range of products that appear in households across the country and are central to everyone’s daily life.

“Companies in our industry are committed to helping people and communities adopt healthier and more sustainable diets, and we work hard to make our products better for people and better for the planet. This includes improving our product recipes, revising portion sizes and improving the information available to shoppers about what they are buying.

Working with governments

“We know there is still much to do and we are committed to continuing to grow in the breadth and diversity of our industry and in our wide range of products. This includes working with governments, including through the UK Government’s new National Food Strategy and its Health Disparities White Paper.

FDF Scientific Director Kate Halliwell said: “These latest figures show the fantastic achievements that the UK food and drink industry continues to achieve, throughout a difficult period of uncertainty, and we should be pleased.

“Manufacturers continued to innovate and bring new healthy and affordable products to market. This has had a real demonstrable impact on the average basket, helping the nation to have access to healthy and balanced food.