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Food processing plant fire – A plane crash today in Georgia sees chaos unfold at the General Mills factory in Covington

On Thursday night, a plane crashed into a General Mills plant in Covington, Georgia.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that an unidentified small plane crashed less than a mile from the runway at Covington Municipal Airport.

Six semi-trailers were damaged as a result of the accident.

Local officials told a news conference there were no survivors of the crash; however, it is still unclear how many victims there are.

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the cause of the crash.

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  • Who are the victims ?

    “We are working on a lead to determine who the victims of the crash were,” police captain Ken Malcom said.

    He added that there might only be one person on board.

  • What were the trailers used for?

    Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcolm said the trailers near which the plane crashed were being used to “move product” from the plant.

  • Two people on board

    Police have confirmed there were two people on the plane that crashed in Covington, Georgia.

  • Where did the plane take off from?

    Witnesses said the plane took off from Covington Municipal Airport at 6.45pm.

    However, police said they have yet to confirm this to airport officials.

  • How many passengers were on the plane?

    It is not yet known how many passengers were on board the plane.

  • The plane exploded on impact

    The police captain also said the plane exploded on impact, leaving no survivors on board.

  • General Mills comments on the crash

    In a statement to The Sun, General Mills said:

    “A small plane crashed near the General Mills Covington, GA manufacturing plant.”

    “No employees were injured and we are working in partnership with the FAA and local law enforcement.”

  • Were there any injuries on the ground?

    No injuries on the ground were reported as a result of the crash.

  • Huge fire after the accident

    A devastating fire followed the tragic plane crash.

  • The scene

    Smoke can be seen at the crash site in Georgia.

  • When did the crash happen?

    The crash reportedly happened at 6:45 p.m. Thursday night at a factory in Newton County.

  • What caused the accident?

    The cause of the crash is currently under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

    The Federal Aviation Administration is also on the way, a spokesperson told The Sun.

  • trailer damage

    About four trailers were damaged, believed to be empty.

  • Did anyone on the plane survive?

    There were reportedly no survivors in the accident, but this has not been confirmed at this time.

    Covington Police Captain Ken Malcolm said authorities don’t know how many passengers were on the plane, but it’s unlikely there were any survivors.

  • No employee injured

    A General Mills spokesperson confirmed to CBS that no employees were injured in the plane crash today.

  • Was there a plane crash today?

    Witnesses say a twin-engine Cessna appeared to have traveled northeast but was having trouble gaining altitude.

    Unusual noises would also come from the engine.

    Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcolm said the plane veered right before descending directly into an isolated area of ​​the factory where the tractor-trailers were stored.