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Food tech company Equii earns $6 million in early round

Khosla Ventures, an early backer of Impossible Foods, has invested $6 million in food tech startup Equii, formerly Cella Farms.

The first product on the market is sliced ​​bread which contains 10 grams of protein per slice. In the coming months, the product will debut in a few restaurants and cafes, and online sales will begin early next year.

In order to find highly nutritious sources of microbial proteins used to ferment cereals and make protein-rich cereal flours, Equii, launched in 2021, developed a proprietary methodology. Equii flour contains all nine necessary amino acids along with three to six times the protein and about half the carbohydrates of regular flour.

Alice Brooks, Director of Khosla Ventures, said: “We are looking for companies that have the potential to make a huge impact on society. We are delighted to support Equii as they redefine the natural fundamentals of our diet, starting with bread, to make healthy eating more widely available.

In a recent interview, Dr. Bhatia discussed how customers perceive a “sacrifice factor” when selecting healthy foods. He noted that high-protein grain flour has a neutral flavor and maintaining the flavor and texture of traditional bread is a goal of product development.

Co-founder and CEO Monica Bhatia, who holds a Ph.D., has fifteen years of experience in biomanufacturing and commercializing durable goods, such as food, fuels and chemicals. She most recently served as Vice President of Process Development at alternative protein producer Geltor. Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Baljit Ghotra, PhD, previously worked with Ingredion, Mondelez International, Cargill, ADM, and Nature’s Fynd in research and development.

In terms of comparing this bread to conventional bread, we were able to tick all the boxes, according to Dr. Bhatia. When you bake bread at home, it’s extremely easy. There are only a few ingredients: water, flour, a little fat, salt, yeast and sugar. Our ingredient base consists of our proteins and a small amount of natural preservative.

To date, Equii has successfully raised $8 million in investment. Past investors in agtech, food tech, artificial intelligence, precision fermentation and synthetic biology include kdT Ventures, 1derlife Partners, Accelr8 Partners, Axial Ventures and angel investors.

In the future, the company may introduce different varieties of bread, such as rolls, bagels, and buns. In addition, Equii wants to offer producers other basic cereal products with their protein-rich cereal flour. Our first offering is bread, a common food, Dr Ghotra said. In addition to bread, Equii’s best-in-class team creates a portfolio of products, such as protein-rich pasta, nutrition bars and snacks, to provide healthy meal options throughout the day. In order to provide sustainable and healthy food to consumers around the world, we are looking for partners.

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  • Food tech company Equii earns $6 million in early round
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