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Hunter Students Complete Final Higher School Certificate Course: Food Technology | Newcastle Herald

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HUNTER students relished completing the graduate certificate, with Friday’s food technology paper the last course on a menu of 110 written exams. St Francis Xavier’s College Hamilton students Francesca Moretti and Grace Hewitt, both 18, were among 3,756 New South Wales students to take the 175-minute test, which ended a month exams marathon. The girls said it didn’t quite flow into the fact that they had completed the tests and 13 years of schooling. “I’m a little shocked, I feel like I haven’t finished,” Grace said. “It feels like another day, like semesters.” It probably won’t hit until next week. Coming home and not studying is going to be really weird, not having her on your mind is going to be such a relief. “We have made such a long trip. IN THE NEWS: The girls said they need to dig deep to stay motivated and focused as they watch their friends finish their exams and start celebrating. The girls said the paper was “on par” with expectations and they were able to “find ways around” the few tough questions as the paper increased in difficulty. They said the first multiple-choice section was “good”, while Francesca said there was a tricky question in the second short answer section on raw material specifications, which they investigated more. one year. They said the multipart question in section three was mostly straightforward. Francesca said the 15 point question in the fourth section on Australian food industry sectors was “not as hard as I expected”. The class of 2021 has been hit the hardest by the pandemic, with disruptions in their 11th and 12th grade studies. “I found it very mentally draining, you had to get up and keep going so many times,” Grace said. “It was a stop and a start, there were so many assumptions. Will a new strain of COVID happen? Will they push it back again? That’s what I was most afraid of.” All both said they initially wanted the exams to be canceled, but are now proud to have taken that step under difficult circumstances. and contributed to the school’s classes, “said Francesca.” I could not have been able to , but I chose to do it, even while learning at home. It’s about growth for me. It made me stronger and I learned so much … it showed me this that I can do as a person. Jan. 20. “We will have a so much greater life experience, because you had to start over and get stronger each time and that just replicates what is going to happen in the real world. life, “she said.” It also taught me that you have to know what you can control and what you cannot … I have I’m going to have the choice to control what I can and try to make the most of the situation, which I feel like I’ve done very well. business and commerce at Newcastle University, while Grace will move to Brisbane in January for a “fresh start” and hopes for a psychology offer at the University of Queensland. But for now, girls like not to think about their studies. Their graduation dinner was Friday night and their parents were in attendance. I’ve been on this trip as much as we have, ”said Grace. Francesca looks forward to traveling to South West Rocks and Jervis Bay, while track star Grace focuses on training for the events of the season. Next year. Our reporters are working hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: