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Ingredion launches a portfolio of high-performance legume-based ingredients

WESTCHESTER, BAD. – Ingredion Incorporated recently launched an exclusive new line of legume ingredients for pet food, food and beverage manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

The new portfolio of legume-based ingredients, Prista, includes HOMECRAFT® Prista P 101 pea flour, VITESSENCE® Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate and VITESSENCE® Prista P 360 bean protein concentrate. shared these three are the “first of many” for its new Prista line.

Pritsa’s high-performance solutions deliver attributes of taste, nutrition and functionality to help processors stimulate growth in the plant protein space, Ingredion said. The line tackles the “bad flavors” that pose challenges to conventional dry-ground pulses, including bitter tastes and other sensory defects caused by anti-nutrients.

These ingredients can be simply labeled as “pea flour”, “pea protein” or “bean protein”, which gives a helping hand to processors looking to incorporate gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO ingredients. HOMECRAFT Prista P 101 pea flour provides 12% protein on a dry basis, fibers and micronutrients, VITESSENCE Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate provides 55% of protein on a dry basis and VITESSENCE Prista P 360 bean concentrate provides 60 % protein on a dry basis.

“Prista’s high performance pea flour and faba and pea concentrates are all the rage for pet food because the ingredients provide plant protein and clean label appeal,” said Patrick Luchsinger. , Marketing Director of Nutrition and Pet Food at Ingredion. “The new pulse-based Prista range is ideal for animal treats where a cold process is used, for example for cold extrusion of semi-moist animal treats. The cleaner, less bean flavor of Ingredion’s high-performance flour and legume concentrates allows the creation of more palatable pet foods and treats than its conventional legume counterparts.

These legume ingredients are designed for low microbial applications and can be used at higher levels than conventional legume ingredients, Ingredion said, so processors can incorporate more plant protein into their products.

Prista pulses come from North America and are processed by Ingredion using a proprietary process that does not include chemicals or additives and does not generate wastewater. This clean process, coupled with the inherent traceability and sustainability offered by plant proteins, can help brands meet increasingly stringent demands for more sustainable and ‘better for you’ products.

“Designed to break down barriers of taste and level of use, our new line of high-performance Prista legume ingredients allows our customers to bring more plant-based protein products to market that consumers are looking for,” said Yadu Dar, commercial manager of the factory. protein-based for Ingredion in the US and Canada. “Made possible by our proprietary technology, we are excited to introduce these innovative ingredients to brands in the food, beverage and pet food markets. “

Ingredion plans to deploy Prista to other regions in the future.

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