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Kite’s Food Packaging Choices – Food & Drink International

With most UK consumers back in the workplace after covid, people are spending more time commuting and for many takeaway food offers convenience while juggling commitments. As a food retailer, choosing the right packaging is paramount as it can make or break your brand perception.

Kite Packaging offers you everything from cutlery, straws and cups to to-go boxes, bowls, paper bags and more.

Our paper bowls are perfect for hot and cold foods. Their exterior is made from strong and durable kraft paper while the PE lined interior protects against moisture and grease. This maintains the integrity of the container and, in addition to being microwaveable, improves the overall experience and convenience of ordering from your business.

If take-out boxes are better suited to your needs, choose from our breathable, odorless hinged and clamshell varieties for the freshest possible feeling on arrival. These are waterproof and greaseproof thanks to their water-based coating, guaranteeing optimal protection.

For on-the-go drinks, consider our coffee mugs which, despite their name, are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Durable, double-walled and ergonomically designed, these tumblers allow for safe and comfortable drinking on the go. Not to mention that they are made from virgin food grade materials, certified as suitable for food and drink, guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

We offer a full range of eco-friendly wooden forks, knives, dessert spoons and teaspoons to complement any order. These are only as durable as needed for single use, facilitating an accelerated composting process that returns the natural components to the earth rather than landfill. Compact and lightweight, our cutlery promotes user satisfaction while allowing for easy storage on the professional side.

Kite Packaging is the one stop shop for all your food packaging needs. To view our full range, please visit