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New isotonic drinks for animals designed to promote good hydration

NEW YORK – DoggyRade and KittyRade have entered the pet nutrition market just as pet owners are increasingly aware of the importance of hydration. Both brands of pet drinks are designed to be low-calorie, energy-boosting and rehydrating solutions for dogs and cats.

Both products are isotonic drinks, that is, they are naturally purified by reverse osmosis. They do not include chlorine, which can be found in tap water.

DoggyRade is designed to restore electrolytes lost during activity. It is also formulated with prebiotics to aid absorption and digestion of nutrients. The dog drink has a chicken flavor and aroma to increase palatability.

DoggyRade also offers DoggyRade Pro, which can provide additional support for dogs recovering from bowel disorders or illnesses, including acute diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and pancreatitis.

KittyRade is for cats in need of extra hydration. The drink includes glutamic acid, an amino acid that supports bowel function, and taurine, which supports eye and heart health in cats. KittyRade is also available in a chicken flavor and aroma to encourage consumption.

Along with its new pet drinks, the company also offers YummyRade, a line of dog and cat gravy toppings formulated with prebiotics and chicken baits to add nutrition and flavor to a pet’s regular meal. of company.

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