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New Year’s Resolution Solution: Make Wise Food Packaging Choices

Posted 10 hours ago

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Is living a healthy lifestyle part of your New Year’s 2022 resolutions, but you’re at a crossroads where to start? Finding the right balance between fitness, nutrition, positive sleep habits, and mental well-being to cultivate a healthy lifestyle takes time – and that’s part of the reason why so many people to abandon health-related resolutions before the end of January.

Instead of seeing a healthy lifestyle as an inextricable mountain, any small victory is a step in the right direction. Yes, you can join a gym or subscribe to a range of inventive fitness apps. Yes, you can organize Pinterest boards full of healthy recipes, then make meticulous grocery lists to put the ingredients together. Yes, you can buy blackout curtains and start a yoga nidra practice before bed.

But what if there was one healthy habit that takes less time than training, and even less time than searching for recipes on your phone at 2 a.m. (another habit you should break)? There is – and it is easy! Start by making smart choices about food packaging.

Plastic permeates our lives – and our refrigerators and pantries …

Humans ingest as much as a credit card value of plastic per week, depending on a study from Newcastle University for the World Wildlife Foundation. The plastic in our systems comes from the air we breathe, absorbed through our skin, and the food we eat. It’s disgusting, to begin with, and it’s disturbing when you consider the potential health consequences.

Plastic permeates our lives. Go look in your fridge and pantry for two minutes and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Your strawberries come in a plastic jar, your dressing comes in a plastic bottle, your fresh cold cuts are packaged with a plastic barrier; even your low calorie vegetable soup touches the plastic liner hidden inside the metal tin. Now that you see it, it’s not as hard to see that microplastics are ubiquitous.

“A lot of people are trying to live healthier lives, which is nice, but it’s so difficult,” laments Dr Jane Muncke, environmental specialist and director of the Food packaging forum. Muncke is one of a growing group of scientists demanding that consumers be informed of how chemicals that emigrate contribute to chronic disease. They say the lasting global impacts of chemicals in contact with food on humans is as much of a public health crisis as COVID.

“We need to talk about it – allergies, immune system deficiencies, infertility, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes…” she says.

Simple chemistry of glass packaging

There isn’t much you can easily do to control the air you breathe, but you can be more careful about choosing more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Unlike other substrates created by man-made synthetic chemicals, glass packaging is composed of four simple raw materials: sand, limestone, sodium carbonate, recycled glass. And it doesn’t interact with the foods and drinks it contains.

“If you look at glass, the chemistry is super simple,” says Dr. Muncke. “Along with the plastic, the paper, the coated metals, there’s a whole bunch of unknown chemicals in there. “

Choosing glass packaging when you can is a quick and easy step you can take as you work toward your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Of course, improving your fitness, eating, and sleep is important. important parts of the equation, but making the thoughtful decision to choose glass when shopping is a choice you can feel good about.

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