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Testing service unveils new pet food testing kits

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. – 5Strands Affordable Testing, a health testing service, launched three new pet food tests – General Assessment, Pet Food Intolerance and Raw Food Intolerance – on April 12. The tests use bioresonance technology on animal hair, which can help identify food intolerances in dogs and cats.

The general assessment test focuses on various food and environmental intolerances of pets, pet food intolerance can be used for animals fed commercial pet foods and the food intolerance test raw food can be used for animals fed raw food.

“Unlike an allergy, intolerances don’t involve the immune system,” said Austin Collins, chief executive of 5Strands. “Food intolerances occur in the digestive system of the body. When our pets lack the digestive enzymes to break down food, then this can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms. Some of the most common intolerances in dogs and cats include stomach upset, paw biting, constant scratching, hair loss and head shaking.

Marketed to pet parents, all tests rely on non-invasive sample collection involving dog or cat hair. Pet parents can take a sample from their pets and send the sample to 5Strands for a full evaluation.

The pet food intolerance test can be used to assess the effect of different proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, additives, preservatives that may be present in commercial pet foods. 5Strands will test a pet’s hair for exposure to over 275 ingredients and report the severity levels of each ingredient to the pet’s parents.

The Raw Food Intolerance Test is specifically designed for animals fed raw food. The test covers over 300 ingredients, including meats, seafood, bones, fruits, vegetables, oils and grains, and will help pet owners determine if their companion is intolerant to certain ingredients. of these regimes.

The General Assessment Test includes the Pet Food Intolerance Test and a Pet Environmental Intolerance Test which can be used to test fabrics, cleaning products and more.

“The process couldn’t be easier,” added Collins. “You just have to go online, buy a kit, register the kit, collect a hair sample and send it back to us. You will then receive the test results within a week. Using these results, pet owners can remove or avoid objects that cause their pet discomfort. It is a holistic approach that will help find answers to problems that were previously considered unsolvable.

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