Food technology

The Canadian Institute of Agri-Food Technology will install dynamic LED solutions

The Institut de technologie agroalimentaire du Québec (ITAQ) in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec has replaced its HPS greenhouse lights with Sollum Technologies’ dynamic LED grow light solution. This change will allow for more robust studies of the efficacy of various light recipes.

ITAQ is the only educational institution in Quebec that offers college-level courses in agri-food and programs in animal production, horticulture, agri-environment and equine studies. The college program in agri-environment allows students to pursue research objectives in the Institute’s controlled-environment greenhouses.

“With great success, we are currently using Sollum’s dynamic LED grow lights to conduct research on greenhouse peppers and eggplants,” says professor and agronomist Caroline Vouligny. “The smart LED fixtures are a significant improvement over our previous HPS lights and allow research students to gain experience with state-of-the-art controlled environment technology.”

ITAQ has more than 160 m2 of greenhouse fully equipped with Sollum’s smart lighting solution, including award-winning Sollum smart luminaires, the SUN as a Service® cloud platform, as well as sensors, network and advanced computing technology. “We are proud that our technology is used in both education and research to inspire young innovators and produce new scientific discoveries,” said Gabriel Dupras, co-founder and vice president of research and development at Sollum. Technologies. “We look forward to hearing from faculty and students about how our lights continue to stimulate research and learning on the ITAQ campus. »