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Van Drunen Farms suffers a fire

MOMENT, MALAISE. – Customers of Van Drunen Farms / VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. should request updates on how a fire that started on the morning of January 2 at the company’s Tuthill facilities in Momence will affect orders, a said Brad Evers, vice president of sales.

“We understand and appreciate that you may have questions and concerns about the impact of this situation on you and your existing purchase orders,” he said on January 2. As this is a developing situation, we are not immediately aware of the specific impacts, but we are working diligently to gather and communicate the details. We anticipate that these details will change as we learn more about it. ‘extent of damage. “

The Tuthill facility is a freeze-dried ingredient and ingredient blending plant that employs 123 people. As Van Drunen Farms / VDF FutureCeuticals has over one million square feet of manufacturing space in facilities across the world, the company will strive to implement redundancy and continuity plans. and will communicate regularly on updates, Mr. Evers said.

There were no injuries, as no one was in the factory when the fire broke out. The origin of the fire and the extent of the damage remain to be determined. The Momence Fire Department and other fire departments and emergency crews fought the blaze until late afternoon on January 2. Firefighters returned due to outbreaks after 6 p.m. on January 2, and then twice on the morning of January 3. according to Momence progress report.

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